Christian Burial Rites -  Vigil for the Deceased (Wake)

The Vigil (Wake Service) is truly a time to laugh, cry, remember and pray. A time to rejoice in all that the person was and is. This can truly be a healing time for all those who are hurting.

The Vigil for the Deceased is the first way that the Church captures the sentiments of those who are grieving and sets them in the context of our faith. A prayer service with readings selected from Scripture to fit the circumstances of the deceased, a homily that comforts and gives hope, intercessions that speak to the faith of those gathered around the deceased, and prayers selected from the rich resources found in the Order of Christian Funerals can do a great deal to prepare people to enter into the Christian spirit of the Funeral Liturgy. The Rosary or other prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary can be part of the Vigil.